The Starlite Outfit

It was love at first sight.


I really had another outfit ready for the last big night in Starlite Marbella, but when the yacht docked in front of the window it was just an hour before the show started, I just jumped for it.


When the boutique only has one dress and it's your size, I really believe is a sign. Call it "destiny".


This jewel belongs to the BDBA Collection. I checked it out for linking but I only found it in Puerto Banús and I've said, I took the one!


I hate watching my gowns just standing in the closet and we all know I probably won't wear it twice so, and that goes specially for you @PaytemJaneOFC, ask me for it when you have an event and I will send. Hope you live an incredible evening in it as mine.






PS: I also found another boutique called "Miss Bikini" in Puerto Banús, near this one. I had no time to check it out but it's my next "must-try" in Marbella.


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