Written and composed by Paytem Jane and Bass-On


                          Like what you see? Wanna a pic? I see you coming! Me like it! Keep looking, honey!

I go shaking my hips with this rhythm sound,
I’m ready, here I come!
I go spreading my charms all around the town,
Can you hear the people yearn?
I go flaunting my tits in the streets of around,
This city is gonna burn,
I have tested my outfit in the Underground,
I’m the chicest they’ve found,
I’ve been showing my teeth to the chicks around,
Finally it’s the showdown,
I am wetting my lips till the list is shown,
Here is the countdown,
You can try your wit, but this is my turn,
'cause I've got what they want,
Girls, prepare your knees if you’ve got no bound,
Make your way up from down.
Oh, wow, Oh Oh wow,
Go for all and never give up,never stop it till you get enough, you've got it all.
You can dream it, you can do too, use your virtues and abuse of what you've got.
I don't pretend to scare you, ladies, Too many heads for just a crown,
Difference between being stared at or staring, baby, It's to be up or down...and
Wow Wow, It’s me, ain’t you (x4)
 I feel it’s my time, This Casting is mine!
Make way, 'cause I’m arriving girls, Babe, you look aimless,
A matter of style and slyness, Don’t you smell the success?
Take a look how I do, taking over this place, You better be the first,
There’s place for the best, not for the rest, Second place is the worst.
Oh, wow, Oh Oh wow,
Got the power, got the control, got the feeling, got the look, you've got it all,
Keep the faith and stay strong. Nothing is impossible, when you go on.
The dream could start today for one, ladies, Too many heads for just a crown,
Bookers are looking for someone like me, baby, It's to be up or down...and
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