Written and composed by Paytem Jane and Bass-On


                                   I’ve been waiting a year and now it’s here, the celebration is gonna start,

My favorite singer is ‘bout to appear and I’m having a heart attack,
Sitting in front, of the TV,
On my sofa private zone for the VIP’s,
With my best dress, some chocolate, Möet & chandon on ice to celebrate our win.
So when a superstar arrives into the scene,
My mind starts to fly thinking of  my teenage dream,
Taking place at the hall of fame,
Everybody knows my name,
And for the first time I say “mom, I wanna be,
Like those celebrities”
Don’t dream your life, oh,
Live your dreams at night, oh oh,
Don’t dream your life, oh,
Live your dreams tonight, oh oh,
The crowd’s waiting out there, they shout so loud at the time of the entrance,
Media, Radio stations, televisions are airing every appearance,
A white Lincoln, already comes,
Spreading glamour and getting all the attention,
At the red carpet, between flashes, every artist moves their lashes for the fandom.
How many nights do I have to spend hidden till I can be there?
How many times do I have to pray till I can step on that stage?
I don’t know how, but I won’t desist,
‘cause I know that someday I will be on the list,
Till the school ends I will resist telling myself everyday that I am an artist,


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