Written and composed by Paytem Jane



I didn’t decide to be that way,

I don’t feel guilty,

 Every moment I’m not ok.

Pain or pleasure,

My feelings can’t be arranged,

Even under pressure,

 I’m nothing someone can change.


You seize every chance you have to try to make me believe that I will fall,

If I don't touch the floor it’s not always my fault.

Don't you see I'm old enough? I'm under my control,

 Although you don’t understand at all.


I know I can be hysterical,


I love to lose my head,

I need to be unpredictable,

 Unknown at all,

But I’m completely aware.

You take me out of my bubble,

Double trouble,

'Cause you hate my mode of use,

This is my point of view,

I’m something different and new

Of everything you knew.


Always people,

Tell me the way I should act,

It’s not that simple,

 Who says that I want that?

I am precious, being exactly the way I am,

I’m the only one, And I'll do exactly what I want,

You decide I am mad when I plan to take the different road that’s my best, Sometimes I do it ‘cause I don’t follow the rest,

I won't betray myself,

 I've got my own way,

It's not the way you say.


I told you I'm not perfect, but respect me if I don’t wanna follow the flow,

`Cause I really know, where I wanna go, the place I can glow.



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