Written and composed by Paytem Jane and Bass-On

                                               Adiccted, I need more. A scrap of nude, an instant of truth.

You are how you look to be, don’t settle with less, ‘cause you choose what you wannabe,
And shut up the bitch that doesn’t exist, while you do, know what you want, who you are, which to wear. 'Cause while their style is questionable, fashionables live forever.
Louboutin, Make dazzle my feet,
While I walk the streets, In my “stilettos”,
Grabbing one, Of those casual guys,
With “boho chic” style, Like Jared Leto,
Life's a show, I’m ready to glow,
Baby, strike the pose, Like on the catwalk,
An “it” girl, Knows the catalogues,
My Bible is Vogue, in this fashionable world.
Total look by Michael Korss, (wow), Marc Jacobs or Hugo Boss, (you go, boss)
Get new Fendi’s outfit trendy, We love fancy clothes. It’s fashionable.
Be fashion, Be glamorous,
Be cool, look good, Become fabulous.
Be gorgeous, Be outrageous, We never have enough.
Be fashion, Be glamorous,
Be cool, look good, Become fabulous.
Be gorgeous, Be outrageous, Let’s make them fall in love with us.
Ellieb Saab, Makes me bright at night,
Never is too tight, Into an LBD.
Vintage clutch, With a tie die touch,
‘Cause I am too much, I don’t need a fitting.
Up your dress, Let them guess your chest,
A girl’s what she wears, Die or renew.
Less is more, I learnt from Kate Moss,
Between hair and shoes, You’re the look you choose!
Givenchy mixed Cacharel, (oh yeah), Ich liebe Karl Lagerfeld, (I felt the same)
Victoria Beckham knows well, Chopard is another level. It’s fashionable.
Versace, Cavalli, (yes, it is), Armani, (Sie ist chic), Oscar de la Renta,
Gucci or Moschino, Ti amo rosso Valentino,
John Galliano’s still divine, Share your glory Yves Saint Laurent. (uiui)
Coco Chanel used to think, You’re never too rich or thin,
La Perla is the second skin, for every fashion victim.
( I wish I could be Alexander McQueen’s mannequin)
Louis Vuitton is what I want and, God save Dolce& Gabanna
Gucci, Prada, Escada too, Mademoiselle loves Jimmy Choo,
Thierry Mugler means ensure, (for sure, for sure), Manolo Blannik always works,
J’adore Gaultier et Dior, (je t’aime) ‘Cause I love high couture!!!
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