Written and composed by Paytem Jane and Bass-On

                                        I’ve never been able to explain it, They’ve never been able to grasp,

How I fell in love with you at first sight.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t give for you, To come back to life just for once,
But I’ll love you till the end of mine.
Only you could make the world in colours, When the rest sees in black and white,
Only you turn my sorrow into the biggest smile (ah, ah, ah, ah).
(Only you made believe that limit’s in the sky)
You turned a hero to a legend, From beginning but with no end,
The words you sang made you become so immortal.
Put your hat on, Put on your glove,
You’re not alone,You’ll always glow,
C’mon and slide on your shoes, Walk on the moon, Earth was not enough for someone like you.
Glasses on eyes, Night after night, You could stop the world under a spotlight,
Jacket on air, Break your t-shirt, Heaven is the stage that you deserve.
My life, my love, my hero, my all, Forever on the top,
My faith, my hope, a gift from God, The king of pop, The king of pop.
A killer cocktail can’t sleep myths, They will sell even your last breath,
But what if you only wanna dream?
As Neverland is everlasting, No limits for controversy,
Final show for everybody to see.
Only you, listened to the world in notes, While the rest, only hear shouts,
Every wall you break makes you larger than life, Some artists need one hundred years,
To be replaceable in time, but you won't, you are one of the immortals.
Only you can fill the world with love, When the rest feel pain and hate,
There is no difference, there is no race, there is no age (yeah, yes)
You turned a hero to a legend, With beginning but with no end,
The words you sang made you become so immortal.
Take my body, Control my soul,
Live in my heart, Make my mind yours,
We could never say goodbye, June, 25th, When the whole world cried at the same time.
Everybody, Remember the day,
That Michael Jackson passed away,
Down the curtain, A genius ate the man, But the legend of King of Pop will remain.
Thank you, Michael.


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