Written and composed by Paytem Jane


                                                                                First time on scene,

In love from the Tv,
A life followed by magazines
Press, gigs and trips,
City after city,
Routine for a celebrity.
Dressed for success, a chance to impress,
Mine is not an innocent request,
From the front row,
To make our own show.
I’m here tonight,
Hoping you love me like you do in your movies,
Out of spotlights,
I guess I’m becoming a stupid groupie,
My life, my love,
My hero, my god, my all, my star.
Never at sight,
I promise I’ll be nice till I wake up by your side.
Dirty glamour,
Sex and cocaine,
Behind the door of your backstage
Paparazzi out,
Turn the flashes off,
An autograph is not enough.
Tomorrow you’ll cross thousands of miles,
With your ten million dollar smile,
But now, the shouts,
Don’t come from a crowd.
 All right, I’m a loser but the luckiest one,
‘Cause I, I’ll know that you loved me at least once.


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