Written and composed by Paytem Jane and Bass-On


Welcome to the show, welcome my crowd,
My people and my rockers, Can I hear you shout?
My warriors and my lovers, Can you scream loud?
Remind me all the reasons why you make me feel so proud.
Nice to see you ladies, nice to see you guys,
How are my pretty sexys? Ready to kick 'bout?
My dancers and my shakers? Can you shake it out?
The most fabulous audience who didn’t let me strike out.
Let there be rock, let there be rock,
Let’s make the song and the rhythm that moves the world.
Let there be show, let there be show,
We’ve got the power and the strength to change the ball!
Let it out, let it out, let it out,
Can we make 7 thousand million people wanna shout?
Shout out loud, shout out loud, shout out loud,
Can we all sing together till be heard around the globe!
Where is my crowd? My crowd? My crowd?
Where is my crowd? Oh yeah!
Let’s get it out, get out, get out,
Let’s get it out of your head!
Welcome to the concert, welcome my crowd!
Nice to meet you soldiers, nice to meet you all,
The heavy metal lovers, the fans of the pop,
My army and my family, always ready in the front row,
Musicians and producers, you know what’s about (it),
There are a lot of winners, and there is no rout,
Everybody is welcome, no one stays out,

Let’s take to another level what they call to touch the sky. (shout)



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