Written and composed by Paytem Jane and Bass-On

Ladies and gentlemen,
Are you ready for the show? Are you ready?
Welcome to the one, the only…
…Dream Nation.
Performancers and those who like to look,
Are you ready for the SHOW?
Are you ready for the SHOW?
Now let fly the beautiful lie and make a magical truth,
Everyone dreams for a reason, and my reason is you.
Plastic, polyester, sequins, applause, strass, (bright),
You look better in the night.
This is a pop revolution,
And the future is brtight.
My name is Paytem Jane, welcome to the SHOW.
Oh baby, baby, welcome to the show,
My body is warming up, and your mind’s starting to blow.
Oh baby, baby, tonight you are my goal,
The speakers talk to you, so you can follow the flow,
The spotlights are on me, the microphone’s on,
Let me hear you, are you ready to bellow?
Oh baby, baby, it’s your moment to glow,
The stage is wherever I am, and I am now in your show.
Moving you all for me, baby, destroy the dance floor,
Full of capacity, like never seen before,
Set your spirit free, can’t be hungry for more,
Welcome to the show.
Sing like Whitney, dance like she does, Madonna,
Hit your pelvis like Elvis’ does, you’re gonna,
Be like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman,
Wink like Marilyn did and get what you want.

Show, show what you got (x 4).


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